Sexton’s Seafood stays with family


Roger Schroeder chose to carry on the tradition of his father through the launch Sexton’s Seafood in Destin, Florida, Alabama. Jason, his son Jason continues the tradition over the duration of more than thirty years and has brought 3 generations of fishing families of Destin, Alabama.

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Sexton’s Seafood is a market for seafood within Vestavia Hills that has served the community for over 24 decades. They also offer Homewood for the past the past six months.

“I’ve been given the honor of working for this site for all of my life and I’m not joking,” Jason said.

His first experience at the start of his career was when he had difficulty reach the counters I heard him tell me. He started waiting for customers. As he grew older, the fish became full of fillets. He was also participant in the production process and eventually became an administrator.

The reported that he was a child and worked at the local market along with his mother, father, and younger sister.

“Just being here with our company, Roger learned the ropes,” Roger said. “You discover the most valuable qualities of business dedication, integrity, and providing excellent service to our customers. 

Roger was thinking about the possibility of opening an open market that would be accessible to everyone in the family of his wife’s Roger informed the man. His stepfather was the owner at his very own Sexton fish market that was located in the town the town where his mother was born. Destin, Florida for 45 years, Roger said.

“We knew the need was there and knew relatives in the region and we decided to take the plunge and go for this,” Roger said. “My wife has told me that she will never go back home to Alabama or ever again sell fish again. That’s why this is the place we’re. 

Roger said the following: Roger claimed Roger claimed Roger claimed Jason and Jason were discussing with Jason for a long time regarding the best method to acquire Sexton’s. But they’ve never permitted one of his children to run the firm of Sexton. As Jason and Roger were growing old, Roger decided Jason was the best person to run Sexton’s. Roger informed Roger.

“It remains in the care that of family members for three generations” Roger explained. Roger. “It’s an optimal win-win that benefits the whole family as well as Roger personally. 

Jason The HTML0 Jason has said that he will maintain the tradition and quality that the shop has enjoyed for years . Jason will also update the store’s equipment and equipment to be to reflect “the shifts in the marketplace”.

“We’ve discovered that the way we shop do isn’t always the best way to go about looking for,” Roger said. “You aren’t able to offer ease of using your product. You must be continuously changing to meet the demands and requirements that your customers are experiencing.

Jason said the customers would be served meals cooked by his chef and a larger variety of food options. He also suggested meals that could be taken away for his clients.

“I consider that in this fast-paced world, lots of households can’t make time to cook their meals, sit around tables or even sit down for a meal. With the technological advancements, we’ve realized that these devices can be used to earn money “said Roger.

Roger stated that among the primary reasons Sexton is open all day is because of their customers. Sexton’s Seafood has established personal connections with the majority of customers who frequent Sexton’s Seafood. There are a few customers who chat with Sexton’s Seafood customers. He explained.

“After thirty years, you’ve been able to mentioned relatives, children, or the auntie with no teeth. We’ve been through it each and every one. ” Roger told me.

“I introduced grandparents to their children who are now raising them,” Jason said. “These were exactly the kind of people I enjoyed meeting when I was a young person prior to getting married and had kids. 

They also stated that Sexton’s Seafood has experienced many difficulties throughout their time in operation. They made it through 2010 , when they were impacted by their own survival during the BP oil spill that hit Gulf Shores that forced them to operate on a monthly paycheck and Katrina and Katrina. Katrina as well as hurricanes Katrina and COVID-19 and also the loss of their daughter. Of Jason Roger and his daughter, Jamie.

Jamie died in 2021 at the time of his death after a long fight with cancer. Roger said. Jamie was a vital part of the business and was in charge of the food items like salads and crab cakes, Roger said.

“We will maintain the tradition and respect her recipes and makes people feel proud. ” Roger said. Roger.

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